• Zihan
    • February 10th, 2011

    Suraj, what’s wrong with capitalism? It isn’t that bad after all. Capitalism is creating jobs, giving more people a better life. All throughout the movie I wished Joe would restructure Kathleen’s bookstore. I was saddened to see the sign on Kathleen’s bookstore which said, ‘We are closing after 42 years in service.’ But in hindsight, her book store catered to a small section of readers. FOX gives its users a comprehensive shopping experience. That’s what matters. I do agree that the level of personalization offered by the ‘ Shop around the corner’ will be un matched. Lets count the pros & cons. FOX wins and that’s why they are the big sharks.

    I work with an online advertising giant. I create those campaigns and I want the big sharks to spend more (as you put it). There is a better service available. And people should go out and grab the opportunity. May the best man win-Always. At the end of the day, its just business.

    Head over heart- Fox is my man. Heart over head- I’d love to go to Kathleen’s store. To quote Shakespeare ‘Nothing is good or bad, THINKING makes it so.’

  1. You begin your argument by asserting that capitalism “isn’t that bad after all”; so I’d like to know what according to you are the few criticisms of capitalism. By the way, i have NOTHING against Capitalism per se, but what the movie tries to sell you – ‘American’ Capitalism, which is exactly why the world is messed up today…Capitalism cannot be chastised outrightly for how Corporate America functions, simply for the same reason that Communism cannot be disregarded just because a few supposed dictators who were supposedly totalitarian in their governments…

    You say you were saddened when u saw Kathleen defeated…but that’s where your compassion ends, bcoz then ‘money’ comes into play, and as the etymology of capitalism suggests, it’s prime purpose is to disregard EVERYTHING in pursuit of making more money…I’m sorry, but that just reeks of heartlessness to me, as opposed to Socialism, even Communism for that matter, which suggests that an economic activity shall primarily benefit a ‘community’, and even so it is a dirty word today…of course that process will be a slower, tougher path…so then this argument is actually about how fast and how much you want to acquire – and that explains a lot about where we’re erring…

    Please don’t give me the ‘capitalism generates employment’ argument, as that is just a by-product in the larger picture…if that were really the case, then Ratan Tata wouldn’t have received all the flak he deserved for the plant at Singur, West Bengal…and as much as they would love to, manufacturers would replace workers with machines to cut-costs, if it wasn’t for govt. regulation…

    I’m sure readers don’t care how deep their favourite book-shop penetrates into the market…readers gather at a book-store because they love reading – they do their thing and then get out…it’s that simple…we don’t need an Antilla of a book-store to massage our egos…

    I shall quote myself to conclude – EVERYTHING has a good and a bad side to it, but you still have a CHOICE to make whatever it is you want out of it…

  2. Another very important point to note is, as I’ve already discussed, the timing of the film…you cannot ignore the fact that this movie ‘captured the mood of the times’, only to turn it on its own head… how this film treats the anti-corporate movement of the 1990s, can hypothetically be said much like the way, say if a movie sponsored by Joseph Goebbels was released during WWII, that depicted a Jewish-holocaust survivor falling in love with a Nazi who gassed her family! The message, as many hopeless romantics believe, is not that ‘only love is real’, but that the empire is indoctrinating people into accepting it’s propaganda, justified by the caprice of human emotion…Tell me how appropriate is that!

  3. Love this post. It’s a great analysis. Suraj, you’ve been instrumental in changing my political views and I’m glad. Neither money nor love can buy both peace and happiness. It is the right decisions we make and our contentment stemming from those that keep us happy.
    Sadly, I’m never going to see “You’ve got mail” in the same light again.
    Much love,

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  5. Men and women will suffer almost anything as long as it means they don’t have to change.” ~ Deepak Chopra

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